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    Linkfun Cultural and Educational Foundation
    Linkfun Cultural and Educational Foundation (USA) is a non-profit and non-governmental organization(under which the Cultural and Educational Co., Ltd. was set up in 2011). Linkfun has been engaged in promoting and organizing cultural and educational exchanges among America, Australasia, Europe and Asia. Located in the world trade center, New York, USA, the Foundation’s headquarter was moved to Long Island in New York due to the acknowledged reason. A network of institutions and representative offices have been set up in the U.S., Canada, Australia, France and China.
      The American mainstream culture has all kind of connections with Chinese culture. Still,there are some differences penetrating i ...
    In 2014, Mr. Lindsey Gilbert, the principalof Menaul High School in New Mexico State, U.S., togethe ...
    International study tours are a unique opportunity for you to combine an overseas travel and cultural experience, with studies ...
    AAAP Program
    2014-2-17  |  Introduction of AAAP Program
    AAAP(American Academic Aptitude Program) is the fifth generation of upgraded curriculum system. It’s an alternative to the traditional Chinese curriculum, using an American high school curriculum wi
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    AUY Program
    2014-2-17  |  Introduction of AUY Program
    AUY Program of US Ivy Colleges is one of the Elite College Preparation Ladder Schemes developed by AUY Center of the Institute for International Students Nanjing University. It’s a platform to acces
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    HSY Program
    2014-2-17  |  Introduction of HSY Program
    HSY(High School Year) Program is developed by the Institute for International Students Nanjing University and the US Linkfun Cultural and Educational Foundation. By joining hands with elite high sch
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